Ramzan Sugar Mills Limited (RSML) was incorporated in 1990 are we manufacture and market white refined sugar and its byproducts-molasses and bagasse. Commercial production was launched in 1991. Today, we have installed state of the art plant & machinery and our unit is located at 26 kms, Jhang road, Chiniot, with a crushing capacity of 9000 TCD.

RSML has constantly been involved in balancing, modernization and replacement (BMR) activities over the past many years in order to achieve its energy conservation goals by adding sophisticated and up to date machinery such as falling film evaporators, electric driven motors and the DCS system. Today we are proud to have a fully automated and an exceptionally efficient plant which has helped us reach a higher net worth.

As the saying goes: “Sugar is produced in the fields”. RSML has created an agri-development wing called Ramzan Sugarcane Development Farms (RSDF). Under the ambit of RSDF we research on the latest agri-practices and test various cane varieties that are most suitable for the mills gate area. During the last many years, RSDF has persistently collaborated with various national and international research institutions in order to modernize cane farming methods in the vicinity.

We at RSDF believe that success comes to those who will and dare. We have been able to bring revolutionary change in sugar cane cultivation and management methods which has enhanced the production yield by at least 20%, ultimately benefiting the farmer and the mills. RSDF also showcases best practices in agri-sciences at its own farms, spread over 1500 acres, in the vicinity of Ramzan Sugar Mills, we call them RSDF-Model Farms.

RSML has also collaborated with various top notch fertilizer and pesticide companies in order to provide correct and timely doses of inputs to cane farmers at the lowest possible cost on both cash and credit basis. RSML has also invented the concept of “Agri-Mart” which is a one stop shop located inside the mills, providing not only best quality inputs to the growers but also complete guidance and advice for their day to day operational issues. Today this concept is being copied by various sugar mills in the industry.


We at RSML are engaged in various CSR activities particularly in the areas of education and health care. One example is RSML’s collaboration with CARE foundation to run various primary level schools in the nearby locality in order to provide education to the underprivileged children.

Shamim Sharif dispensary is another example where walk-in OPD patients are treated 24/7 and provided with free medical advice and medication by qualified doctors.


We have an extremely stringent approach towards the implementation of HSE policies. Anyone found not adhering to the safety policies and procedures can face serious ramifications. Proper HSE manuals are in place and we have a dedicated department looking after the overall HSE activities at SG.


Under this program we collaborate with the top universities of Pakistan and hire Management Trainees for a two-year training program. Under this program they are provided with accommodation and given the best learning opportunities. After successful completion of the program we offer them a permanent managerial position.

Our zest to perform better can also be seen in the certifications we have acquired over the years. Our “Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000”, “QMS-ISO 9001-2008” and “Halal Certification PS 3733” has enabled us to compete for the supply of quality sugar to local and international beverage industries, pharmaceuticals and other FMCG companies.

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