Sharif Feed Mills Pvt. Limited (SFML) started its operations in 2007. For the past decade we have been manufacturing quality animal feed for poultry and dairy animals. Located at 13-Km, Hujra-Renala Road Shergarh, Okara, Sharif Feed Mills has a production capacity of 15000 tons per month.

Since its inception, SFML has been an example for the rest of the industry where we managed to complete our erection within the stipulated time of a few months only. This was a first time occurrence in the industry. Today our plant is spread out on 25 acres in the district of Okara, which is known as the “House of Grains”.

We at SFML pride ourselves in producing all types of feed for poultry, large animals and fancy birds. We are pioneers in pushing forward the concept of hygienic bird feed in Pakistan and our poultry and dairy products are available in most parts of Punjab.has 


Our silos for grain storage have a total capacity of 50,000 tons. Grain and grain by-products constitute 65% of the feed. Major grains used include corn, rice, millet, sorghum, wheat, wheat
bran, and rice polish. Among these, corn has a 70% share.
Vegetable protein meals constitute 30% of the feed. Major meals include soybean meal, canola meal, rapeseed meal, sunflower meal and guar meal. These meals are the by-products of the solvent industry.

Concerned with the current developments in the bird feed industry of Pakistan, SFML has made it a point not to compromise on the quality of its feed & enhance the production capacity simultaneously.


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